Are You Ready To Sell Your Home Quickly?

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home Quickly?

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Most sellers have one common goal when the time comes to sell their home. To sell their home quickly, but are you really ready to sell your home? Not every seller will be prepared to sell his or her home quickly. Especially when many homebuyers like Chicago based Great 2 Be Home can close on your home in only 2 weeks.

Many homeowners looking to sell in Chicago forget or don't know how to remove potential roadblocks that can stall the sales process or kill the deal completely. If you're getting ready to list your Chicago home for sale, pay close attention. What you do before you try to sell your home can help or hurt the process.

Most homes that Great 2 Be Home purchases are paid for in cash so no banks are involved. Typically, this is great for the Chicago based seller. A quick sale eliminates constant marketing and showing of the home and a cash offer doesn’t require bank approval.

To prepare yourself and family to sell your home quickly consider these 3 simple steps that will make moving in the windy city a breeze.

1. Find A New Place To Live
This can sound like a silly step but you don’t want to delay the sale of your home because you’re looking for a new place to live. Whether you’re buying a new Chicago home or renting, take action early and plan where you will be moving. Many condo and apartment rentals will allow you to coordinate a move months in advance.

2. Pack All Non Necessities
Packing your entire house sounds like a nightmare and anyone that has moved knows it’s time consuming. Start packing all non-essential items like clothing, home-office supplies and décor items that you feel you and your family won’t need for the next month. Getting a jump on packing will cut down on late night rushed packing that can lead to lost or damaged items. Just because you can sell your home quickly doesn’t mean you have to pack quickly.

3. Update Your Mailing and Billing
Since receiving a cash offer and subsequent quick sale of your Chicago home is a very real possibility when you’re working with homebuyers like Great 2 Be Home don’t forget the simple things like updating your mailing and billing address. Stay on top of your bills and remember to call or email your utilities providers and schedule a shutoff or transfer date. Don’t end up paying for utilities after you’ve moved.

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