Tips on how to find the right tenants for your rental property

Posted by Brad Davis // December 11, 2016

Screening potential tenants is the most important thing you can do as a landlord. Every problem during a lease can be traced back to your screening process. If you are lax on your screening you will let many more bad tenants slip through the cracks. Tenant screening is not like opening up an investigation. In […]

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Why November Is A Great Time to Buy

Posted by Brad Davis // November 18, 2016

As we quickly approach Thanksgiving the end of the year is right around the corner. With this often comes holiday parties, excessive days off and a general lull in the real estate market. In real estate this can present a great opportunity to buy. With your competition mailing the rest of the year in you […]

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Common House Seller Mistakes

Posted by Brad Davis // October 18, 2016

We have read a lot of articles about what one must do and remember when selling a house but seldom do we see one talking about what one must not do in selling houses. By knowing what you must avoid doing will help you in becoming successful in selling your house. Emotional involvement. As soon […]

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5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense — and 5 That Don’t

Posted by Brad Davis // September 7, 2016

Repeat after me: I am the master of my remodel. Perhaps you should say it again, because sadly, it’s not always so. Remodels sometimes have a tendency to develop their own inertia, as decisions lead to new dilemmas, unintended consequences and surprising outcomes. In some cases, these flights of fancy are perfectly acceptable, provided the […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly This Earth Day

Posted by Brad Davis // April 22, 2016

Today is Earth Day and it is a great time to look at what you can do to help create a healthier more efficient planet for all of Earth’s inhabitants. The best place to start is in your own Chicago home by reducing your home’s ecological footprint. Here are five great ways to save energy […]

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Tired Of Being A Chicago Landlord?

Posted by Brad Davis // March 25, 2016

Many people become landlords without understanding that being a landlord here in Chicago is not just a passive way to make extra money but can quickly become a job. When you are a landlord you are responsible for maintaining your property and managing the legal relationship with your tenants, all of which can take considerable […]

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5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Posted by Brad Davis // March 14, 2016

It is starting to feel a lot like spring here in Chicago and with daylight savings it is a good time to start thinking about spring cleaning and getting your home ready for the new season. These are 5 simple ways to freshen up your home for spring. Bring The Outdoors Inside Try adding live […]

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Are You Ready To Sell Your Home Quickly?

Posted by Brad Davis // February 15, 2016

Most sellers have one common goal when the time comes to sell their home. To sell their home quickly, but are you really ready to sell your home? Not every seller will be prepared to sell his or her home quickly. Especially when many homebuyers like Chicago based Great 2 Be Home can close on […]

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10 Simple Ways To Protect Your Home From A Break-In

Posted by Brad Davis // February 1, 2016

Most of our Chicago neighborhoods are fairly safe and have low crime rates but there are never any guarantees that our home won’t become another statistic and fall victim to a crime like robbery. Keeping your home and family safe is a priority we all share. Beyond locking the doors and getting an alarm, there […]

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Does It Pay To Fix Your Chicago Home Before You Sell?

Posted by Brad Davis // January 24, 2016

Does it pay to fix your Chicago home before you sell? Homeowners in the Chicago area looking to sell have asked themselves this question repeatedly and as Chicago real estate professionals we are constantly seeing homeowners making the wrong choice. There are two circumstances that favor fixing your home up before you plan to sell. […]

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